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Februari 14, 2012

Celebrating love with batik in Kudus

Batik Kudus Lovers (Bakul) teamed up with Kudus Batik Muria to hold an event called Hari Sayang Batik (Love Batik Day), which is held in observance of Valentine's Day, at Identitas Monument in Kudus in Central Java on Tuesday.

The event featured a fashion show using a zebra cross next to the monument as the catwalk.

Dozens of models sporting batik attire with diverse motifs such as parijoto, kapal kandas, kretek and dab beras kecer took part to enliven the event. They put on a show when the traffic light turned red.

"We use this event to inaugurate our community of Batik Kudus Lovers in Kudus," said one of the event coordinators, Siti Merie, as quoted by
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