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Februari 17, 2012

Jail sentence sought for Padang ‘strippers’ news

Prosecutor Zulkardiman asked the Padang District Court to sentence two alleged strippers to 18 months in prison on Thursday.

Zulkardiman told the court that the two girls, identified as SS, 22, and NA, 23, had been performing strip-dances at the Fellas Cafe and Resto last September.

“The defendants have been proven guilty of violating the 2008 Pornography Law and the Criminal Code,” he said as quoted by Antara.

Judges also heard testimonies from Padang Public Order Agency chief Yadrison, the café’s owner and employees, as well as other witnesses.

Both defendants, who were not assisted by legal advisers, testified that a Public Order Agency officer had forced them to be photographed naked in one of café’s rooms, before being taken to an agency office.

Café owner Hari denied the allegations, saying that his cafe had provided striptease services.

The Padang Public Order Agency arrested the girls at the cafe on Sept. 26, 2011, and immediately released them. A few weeks later on Oct. 15, the Padang police took them into custody. (yps)
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