• Honduran judge: 358 killed in Honduras prison fire

    A Honduran supreme court judge says officials have confirmed 358 dead in a prison fire, making it the worst of its kind in at least a century.

    Justice Richard Ordonez, who is leading the investigation, said that with 856 prisoners packed into barracks, the farm prison in the Comayagua province north of the capital was at double capacity.

    Ordonez told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the fire started in a barracks where 105 prisoners were bunked, and only four of them survived.

    Some 115 bodies have been sent to the morgue in the capital of Tegucigalpa.

    Witnesses said the fire, started by an inmate, burned or suffocated the locked-up, screaming men as rescuers desperately searched for keys.

    A 1930 prison fire in Ohio killed 322 people.
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